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What is “Home Health Care” or “Skilled Care”?

Skilled care is a type of care provided by licensed medical professionals, including nurses, therapists, and aides, for the purpose of treating or managing an illness, injury, or medical condition. The primary benefit of home health care is that it can be delivered directly to the patient’s residence, while avoiding expensive hospital bills.

Additional benefits of home health care include:

  • Faster recuperation and recovery from illness or injury
  • Improved independence (over time)
  • Maintaining or improving of current condition or level of function
  • Regaining of self-sufficiency in the home
  • Slowing of the decline of serious conditions
  • Better symptom management

Home Health Care can seem complicated, but it is designed for the purpose of helping people perform activities of daily living and other functions that are often taken for granted. These daily living activities include walking or otherwise getting around, feeding, dressing and grooming, toileting, bathing, and transferring from one position to another.

Why home health care?

Studies have shown that people recover from illness faster in familiar surroundings. With cases of dementia, keeping people in a comfortable environment helps decrease incidents of confusion, anxiety, agitation, and irritability. Many homes are extended family dwellings and the family’s schedules make caring for the loved one more difficult. Advocates can help balance the family’s lives by helping with the care of the loved one.

Home healthcare services are most often used to:

  • Treat an illness or injury
  • Speed up the recovery and healing processes
  • Become self-sufficient
  • Restore independence
  • Maintain your current condition or level of function
  • Slow decline of illness

Advocates Home Health Care also provides Personal Home Health Care.

Examples of Services We Provide

We can provide the following services or combination of services in the comfort of your home.


Skilled Nursing is provided by a licensed nurse who will communicate frequently with your physician and medical care team to develop a plan of care that will meet your unique care needs. Nursing services may include comprehensive assessments, performance of skilled nursing procedures in accordance with the care plan, education to the client and their family or caregivers on disease processes, medication education and management,  care techniques, education on infection control, and education to manage and reduce exacerbations of chronic disease.

Physical and Occupational Therapy services are provided by licensed staff who work with your primary care physician, orthopedic physician, or any other licensed provider who has ordered home health therapies. The physical and occupational therapist will work with you, under the direction of your physician, to provide restorative therapies following acute occurrences such as a fall, orthopedic surgery, decline in physical or mental abilities, or change in caregiver status. Our therapy staff can also provide you with in home evaluation and training for necessary DME equipment to keep you safe and functional during recovery or rehabilitation.

Home Health Aide services are provided under the supervision of our licensed care team. Our team of home health aides have training and expertise to provide you care that is unique and as individual as you are. Typical duties of a home health aide include bathing, dressing, hair care, assistance with transfers and ambulation, medication reminders, maintaining a clean, safe, comfortable environment, light housekeeping, and to reduce the risk of falls during personal care.

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